Things to do

People with a nautical bent may want to visit the harbour, which is the Country's only river harbour, and take a cruise on the river. East London is well known as a choice surfing spot and offers other water based recreational facilities, such as superb fishing in the rivers and lagoons, as well diving in the warm Indian Ocean waters. he annual Harbour Festival forms part of the International F1 Power Boat tour event during March. Part of the charm of the city are the many fine examples of well preserved 19th century architecture, which
include the East London Museum, Ann Bryant Art Gallery, Gately House, the City Hall, German Settlers Memorial, and Lock Street Gaol. Several golf clubs in and around the city offer visitors their hospitality. The East London Aquarium is home to approximately 400 species of marine life, including sharks, and seal shows are presented daily.

Places of interest:

  1. East London Museum
  2. Ann Bryant Gallery
  3. Queen's Park Zoo
  4. Hemingways Mall
  5. Beacon Bay Retail Park